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Selling Items on Drew Totten Autographs

This page outlines the process of listing items for sale, and managing your listings during and after the sale. Our site features software that has many extra functions that will allow you to easily manage and promote your listings.

Listing Your First Item

You must be a registered member of the Drew Totten Autographs. Once you are registered and have received your password, click the List Item Link found in the Selling Tools menu on every page.

Before you can list your first item, you will be prompted to enter a credit card for billing on a secure page. Your card will not be charged at this point. It will be stored securely with Authorize.net, not on the Drew Totten Autographs servers.

Invoices are sent on a monthly basis on the billing date of each member to each member that has a balance due. This is usually the date that a member registered. The fees on this invoice will be charged 7 days after you receive the invoice. During the 7 period members may choose in to pay with another payment method by logging in to their Account Page.

Listing Fees and Commissions

There are no fees when listing an auction or item for sale on the Drew Totten Autographs. If a listing is sold successfully a commission of 5% of the selling price will be charged. There is a minum commission of 25 cents on each successful sale.

Featured Listings

When listing your items you may opt to feature the listing on the home page of Drew Totten Autographs. The fee for featuring a listing is $2.00 and is not refundable if your lisitng does not sell.

Listing an Item:

Items are listed in your members area through the List Item form.

Each auction item contains the following information:

When Your Auction Ends:

When your listing has ended notices are sent out to winning bidders immediately. When all of your auctions have ended, or your buyer has completed their buying, you can send a combined invoice through the Checkout system. To do this, follow the link provided in the Sold Item email, or use the Sales Tracker in your members area.

Sales Tracker/Invoice Area

Any listings that are sold and not invoiced can be found in the Sales Tracker. In this area you can see which sales need to be invoiced. Once an invoice has been sent you can access invoices for sending notices and leaving feedback in the Invoices for Sales section.


Listings may be relisted once it is over and notices have been sent. From the My Listings menu choose one of the Closed Auctions links. You may view your sold and unsold auctions here, and relist in groups or individually.

Seller Tools:

The Seller Tools section of the Members Area contains additional tools to help you mamage your listings.

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